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Human resources

        Catering and welfare, clothing subsidies, housing benefits, transportation benefits, paid vacation, holiday benefits, birthday benefits, staff welfare benefits, physical examination. Employee welfare is an important part of the salary management system of enterprise's human resources, and it is the reward provided to employees by enterprises or other organizations in the form of welfare.

1, employee benefits generally include health insurance, paid vacation or pension. These awards, as part of the welfare of corporate members, are awarded to individual employees or staff groups. Welfare must be regarded as a part of all remuneration, and total reward is one of the important aspects of human resources strategic decision. From a management perspective, benefits can contribute to a number of strategic goals: to help attract employees; to help maintain employees; to improve the corporate image in the minds of employees and other enterprises; and to improve employee satisfaction with their duties.
2, unlike employee income, benefits generally do not need to be taxed. Because of this reason, compared to the same amount of cash payment, welfare is of great value to employees in a sense. Benefits are applicable to all employees, while bonuses are only applicable to high performance employees. There are a lot of benefits, and enterprises also provide employees with different forms of welfare, but the benefits can be classified into the following categories: supplementary wages and benefits, insurance benefits, retirement benefits, and employee service benefits.

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